Workplace Literacy and Numeracy funded programmes

Here is the list of current and previously funded Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy programmes, provided by the Tertiary Education Commission (correct as at 23 October 2018). Current programmes are in bold

The list of the current (as at 5 June 2018) TEC EWLN Relationship Managers is available here.

September 2018

  • Tytan Developments Limited
  • Pak’n'Save Manukau
  • Inghams Enterprise (NZ) PTY Limited

August 2018

  • Huhtamaki New Zealand Limited
  • Life Health Foods NZ Limited
  • Sanitarium Health Food Company
  • New World Howick
  • PAK'nSAVE Hastings
  • Griffin's Foods Limited

July 2018

  • Independent Traffic Control Limited
  • Dempsey Wood Holdings Limited
  • Rakon Limited
  • D and G Trading Limited T/A Pak'nSave Tamatea

June 2018

  • Jacobs Douwe Egberts NZ
  • J.S. Ewers Limited
  • ABE's Real Bagels Limited
  • Amcor Limited

May 2018

  • Bupa Care Services NZ Limited                                                                                    
  • Downer New Zealand                                                               
  • Porirua City Council
  • Sistema Plastics Ltd
  • Moonshine Farms Limited (consortium)
  • Viridian Glass Partnership
  • Altus Enterprises
  • Central Vehicle Brokers Limited (consortium)
  • Kiwikrew Roadies and Crewing Ltd
  • Life Health Food
  • Goodman Fielder NZ Limited

April 2018

  • Tenon Clearwood Limited Partnership
  • Mr Apple New Zealand Limited
  • Leaflands Limited
  • Hume Doors and Timber (NZ) Limited
  • Argenta Manufacturing Limited
  • Huhtamaki Henderson Limited
  • Fairview Group Limited
  • Fletcher Building Limited

March 2018

  • Silver Fern Farms Beef Limited
  • Mahitahi Trust
  • The Neat Meat Company Limited
  • One Market Limited
  • Fruehauf NZ Limited
  • Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Limited

Feb 2018

  • Taupo District Council
  • Foodstuffs South Island
  • The Beacon Printing & Publishing Company Limited
  • Sanford Limited
  • Auckland City Council - City Parks Service
  • First Security Guard Services Limited
  • Kilmos Supermarkets (Petone) Limited
  • Sleepyhead Group Limited
  • The Labour Exchange Limited
  • Waitaki Resource Recovery Trust (consortium)
  • Farmlands Co-operative Society
  • Nayland Scaffold Limited
  • John Fillmore Contracting Limited
  • Cargill Enterprises
  • Christchurch Casinos Limited

Dec  2017

  • Superb Herb Company Limited
  • George Weston Foods (NZ) Limited (Mauri)
  • Primero Profiles Limited
  • Argenta Manufacturing Limited
  • Moonshine Farms Limited (Consortium)
  • Rakon Limited
  • Pak n Save Lower Hutt

Nov 2017

  • Kilmarnock Enterprises Limited
  • Carter Holt Harvey Limited (6153)
  • Red Badge Group Limited
  • D & G Trading Limited - Pak n Save Tamatea
  •  Paua Group Limited

Oct  2017 

  • Norwood Community Support Limited
  • Altus Enterprises (Elevator Group Incorporated)
  • Attainable Trust
  • Allied Faxi New Zealand Food Co., Limited
  • Waste Management NZ Limited
  • Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Limited

Sep  2017

  • On Demand Logistics Ltd

Aug 2017

  • Tru-Test Limited
  • Whangaroa Health Services Trust

Jul 2017

  • The Beacon Printing & Publishing Company Limited
  • Red Badge Group Limited
  • Foodstuffs South Island Limited
  • Ten Seven Security Limited
  • Waiheke Documents and Security Limited
  • Onyx Horticulture Limited

Jun 2017

  • Snell Packaging & Safety Limited (lead employer for consortium)
  • Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Ltd 
  • Cargill Enterprises 
  • Griffin's Food Limited
  • TROW Group Limited 
  • Eastpack Limited 

May 2017

  • Flight Coffee Limited (lead employer for consortium)
  • Jarvia Company Ltd trading as Pak’n'Save Wanganui
  • Amcor Flexibles (New Zealand) Limited

April 2017

  • Symonite Panels Limited

March 2017

  • BA Productions Limited (lead employer for consortium)
  • Southern Paprika Limited 
  • Viridian Glass Limited Partnership

Feb 2017 

  • Te Kaha o te Rangatahi Trust
  • Cargill Enterprises (trading name)
  • The Labour Exchange Limited


Jan    Silver Fern Farms Beef Limited 
Waste Management New Zealand Limited
          Sanford Limited 
          Sistema Plastics Limited 
          Kiwirail Holdings Limited  
Mr Apple New Zealand Limited 
Feb    Waitaki Resource Recovery Trust
Oneroa (The Training Trustee Limited) (lead employer for consortium)
          Brosnan Construction Limited
          Access Homehealth Limited
Jun    AFFCO New Zealand Limited
          OJI Fibre Solutions (NZ) Ltd
          Carters Frame and Truss
Southern Paprika
          Auckland City Council - City Parks Service
DSM Nutritional Products New Zealand Limited
Jul     ROCK SOLID HOLDINGS LIMITED (Euroclass Design and Build)
          Eastpack Limited
          Dominion Contractors Limited
Aug   Flight Coffee Limited - Diverse-ability consortia (lead employer for consortium)
          Pink Bin Company Limited
          Tumu Timbers Limited
Sep   Waste Management NZ Limited - 2017
          Kiwi Lumber Holdings Limited
          MASH Trust
TROW Group Limited
          Griffin's Foods Limited
Oct    D.F.& J.A.WARD LIMITED (Continental)
OJI Fibre Solutions (NZ) Ltd 2017
          Kiwikrew Roadies and Crewing Limited
          MidCentral District Health Board (Enable NZ) 
          Nicholson United Auto Ltd
DSM Nutritional Products New Zealand Limited
Dec   Carter Holt Harvey Limited (Carters NZ)
          Red Badge Group Limited
          Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited
          Sanford Limited 


Oct    Radius Residential Care Limited
          Selwyn Care Limited
          Argus Fire System Service Limited
Nov   Carter Holt Harvey Limited (Carters NZ)
          T&G Global Limited
          Veolia Water Services (ANZ) Pty Ltd 
          GMP Dairy Limited
          Carter Holt Harvey Limited
          Discount Taxis Limited
Dec   Counties Manukau District Health Board
          WPL Trustee Limited (lead employer for consortium)
          Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited

Earlier 2015 programmes

Bakels Edible Oils (NZ) Ltd
Barker Fruit Processors Limited
C3 Limited 
EastPack Limited  
Firth Industries
Fru-Pak- Fruit Packers (HB) Co-Operative Ltd
GMP Dairy Ltd 
Goodman Fielder New Zealand Ltd  
Gough Group
Grounds and Services Limited
H W Richardson Group Limited  
Johnny Appleseed Holdings Limited (The Yummy Fruit Company)
McCain Foods (NZ) Limited
Mr Apple New Zealand
Programmed Maintenance Services (NZ) Limited
Radius Residential Care Ltd
Sistema Plastics Limited
Stockton Alliance Limited  
Westland Co-operative Diary Company Limited


C3 Limited
Taylor Preston 
Dominion Constructors Ltd 
Carter Holt Harvey Limited 
Inframax Construction Ltd 
Heinz Watties Limited
McAlpines Limited
Leighs Construction Limited
Isaac Construction
General Cable New Zealand Limited
Infracon Limited
Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited
City Care Limited
Stockton Alliance Limited 
Quality Roading and Services (Wairoa) Limited


Apollo Apples Limited
Auckland Meat Processors Limited (AMP)
Carter Holt Harvey Limited
Eastpak Limited
ETEL Limited
Inframax Construction Limited (2011)
Kiwi Lumber Group
Pacific Island Homecare Services Trust
The Russell Group of Companies
Tumu Timbers Limited