ServiceIQ supports CQ Hotel to strengthen employees' literacy skills

28 Jun 2017

You can employ wonderful people with a great attitude and the right skills for the job. But if English is a second language for these employees, what they might appreciate is a course in literacy skills to strengthen their communication and help them feel much more part of the team.

One of Wellington’s most popular hotels proves this point perfectly. CQ Hotel in the capital’s vibrant Cuba quarter employs 82 staff in a wide range of roles, from management, front of house, kitchen, café, restaurant and bar service through to housekeeping.

As well as training employees on-job in skills for specific roles, such as an apprentice chef or housekeeper, the hotel provides support in other important areas, such as Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) training that benefit employees and business.

Last year, the business sought ServiceIQ’s help to get funding for LLN training with a focus on literacy skills, for up to eight employees for whom English is a second language. Read more about this initiative here.