Skills Highway Promotion and Awareness payment

The Skills Highway programme pays a fee to organisations that support workplace literacy and numeracy promotional and awareness-raising activities.

This fee is paid for promotional, awareness-raising and development activities that lead to significantly increased employer support for workplace literacy and numeracy. Priority will be given to applications where the activities result in the employer accessing the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund (either TEO or Employer-led).

A range of organisations are eligible to receive the promotion and awareness payment. These may include industry training organisations, industry or employer associations, unions, and educational or workplace consultants.

Providers, contractors and employers who directly access WLN funding for provision in respect of that workplace’s application are not eligible to receive the promotion and awareness fee.

The fee is $2,000 (ex. GST) and will be paid on approval of the application by the E-WLN fund Assessment Panel. Please note that this is a capped fund. 


The Promotion and Awareness payment application form is available here.

For further information, please contact Nicky Murray, Programme Manager Skills Highway