EWLN Fund COVID-19 update

6 Apr 2020

Greetings to you all – we hope that you are staying safe and well. We send our heartfelt thanks to those of you working in essential services and industries, and to everyone else who is contributing by staying in their bubble! We’d also like to acknowledge the myriad ways in which people are adapting over these strange times. You’ll appreciate that there is a huge amount of work going on at the Tertiary Education Commission and other education-related agencies in order to support employers, providers and learners as we all grapple with the impacts of COVID-19.

Advice for employers and providers who have current Employer-led WLN programmes

Ongoing EWLN programmes:

The TEC is committed to ensuring that LN training can continue where possible and that the sector has the cashflow to get through these extraordinary times.

Training should continue in an effective form which delivers value to the learner. Please follow the guidelines detailed below.

Payment for paused programmes:

Where it is not feasible to continue an existing programme, it may be paused, and resumed once conditions improve.

To support your cashflow, an extra milestone report detailing the hours administered up to the time the programme was paused will be accepted and paid by TEC, even if the programme has not yet met the next milestone threshold.

Cancelling programmes:

Applicants who no longer wish to continue an EWLN programme may withdraw. We recommend this action if it is unlikely that the programme will resume once conditions allow.

Milestone reports detailing all training delivered prior to the close of a programme will be accepted and paid.

EWLN Assessment Panel update

Due to the circumstances, the April 2020 EWLN application round has been cancelled. The next deadline for applications will be Friday 19th June 2020.

COVID-19 Response: Guidelines for the delivery of existing EWLN programmes using online learning

The TEC encourages providers to move to online learning so that current EWLN programmes can continue where appropriate. This is to ensure:

Learner Engagement We need to keep learners engaged in learning where possible so when we get back to 'normal' they are able to carry on with face-to-face learning.

Equity We need to make sure that adult workplace learners are served as well as/have the same opportunities as people in other sectors. As we know, there are benefits to individuals and their families and we need to continue to support them.


Please provide clear evidence of the employer's support for the continuation of the programme and a description of the work/employment status of the learners e.g. still working in essential roles, working from home, on stand-down etc.

  • Learners may be based in their homes, or in workplaces for those in working in essential services if that is possible within current health and safety guidance .
  • Choice of platform should be guided by what the learners feel comfortable with and can use through their phones and other devices they may have.
  • The online programme should follow as closely as possible the approved programme, with some room for movement where planned activities are no longer possible.
  • Please keep established groups learning together where possible. These should already be no more than 6 to 8 people and with attrition and IT issues are likely to be smaller in practice. The group dynamic is a crucial part of the ako process and may also help guard against some of the social isolation we are all experiencing!
  • Online learning should be supported with other activities e.g. learners working through exercises on line or paper-based if these can be sent to learners e.g., work forms reports to fill in etc.  This is a great opportunity for a push on Pathways Awarua - and this can be monitored by tutors.