Literacy as a lifelong and life-wide learning process

9 Apr 2019

Annette van Lameon, from the ALNACC team at Ako Aotearoa, has shared this very interesting article, in which Ulrike Hanemann examines the application of the UN's fourth Sustainable Development Goal which is about ensuring 'inclusive and equitable quality education' and promoting 'lifelong learning opportunities for all'. 

We liked this quote:

'Applying the lifelong learning principle to literacy involves creating opportunities to develop, strengthen and continuously update literacy competencies across different settings over an individual‘s whole life. It further implies tapping people’s full potential by putting learning and the learner at the centre of any educational provision that focuses on literacy. Promoting a culture of and demand for learning through favourable strategies and conducive environments is another indicator of lifelong learning-oriented literacy facilitation. In broad terms, the application of the lifelong learning principle requires the development of integrated, holistic, sector-wide and multi-sector approaches to literacy' (p.9).

Read the full article here.