Survey of Adult Skills: Māori adults' literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills

3 May 2018

The Ministry of Education has recently released another report from the Survey of Adult Skills, relating to Māori aged 16 to 65 in 2014.  

Key findings include:

  • The proportions of Māori with high literacy and with high numeracy skills have increased
  • A smaller proportion of Māori than non-Māori had moderate or high problem solving skills
  • Increasing proportions of Māori gained school qualifications, but the proportion going on to bachelor-level study did not increase
  • Young Māori increased their skills faster than non-Māori as they got older …
  • … although Māori youth were less likely to be in formal education than non-Māori youth, while Māori in all other age groups were more likely than non-Māori to be in formal education
  • Māori and non-Māori at the same qualification levels had similar literacy and problem solving skills, but lower numeracy skills.