Building capacity

Learn about some of the resources that are available to help you incorporate literacy and numeracy training in your workplace.

Workplace literacy and numeracy providers: This list includes providers who are receiving funding through the TEO-led and employer-led strands of the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund. The list has recently been updated to include Intensive Literacy and Numeracy providers. This is not a preferred provider list.

Industry training organisations (ITOs) list (TEC website): This is a national directory of industry training organisations. ITOs may help you identify literacy training needs for your business from an industry perspective. Some also arrange embedded literacy and numeracy training as part of vocational qualifications at levels 1 and 2 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Cultural Capability (ALNACC) Ako Aotearoa

The home for literacy, numeracy (LLN) and cultural capability resources to support people working with adult learners.

Online contextualised literacy and numeracy resources, organised into teaching and learning sequences, are available here:

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool)

The Assessment Tool is an online adaptive tool that provides reliable information on the reading, writing and numeracy skills of adults. Use of the Assessment Tool is a funding condition for tertiary education organisations, including literacy and numeracy training providers, receiving foundation education funding through the TEC.

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool (external website)

Updated guidelines (April 2016) for using the Assessment Tool are available here

Learning Progressions

Learning Progressions, a theoretical framework of literacy and numeracy skills, details competencies in adult literacy and numeracy.  This includes advice and information on what adult learners know and can do at successive points as they develop their skills.

Learning Progression resources (external website)

Pathways Awarua

This online self-directed literacy and numeracy learning resource is made up of pathways of modules for learners to complete at their own pace, based on competencies set out by the Learning Progressions. It can be used as a digital learning tool and as a teaching supplement.

The road code pathway is a new addition to Pathways Awarua. Learners can now practice for their road code while improving their literacy skills. The TEC and NZ Transport Agency collaborated on the road code pathway, which gives learners an applied context for literacy and numeracy. Modules cover topics such as give way rules, driving to the conditions, sharing the road responsibly and understanding the graduated licence system. Multi-media interactions include learners using drawing and video analysis tools to indicate driver decisions.

Pathways Awarua (external website)

National literacy and numeracy qualifications for educators

The TEC has worked with New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and the sector to create qualification pathways for literacy and numeracy educators. These qualifications range from certificates to masters’ degrees. A summary of the qualifications and available grants can be found here.

Check individual funds to see if there are any qualification requirements for educators.

More detailed information about the Adult Literacy Educator Fund can be found here.