Libraries change lives!

The Skills Highway team worked with Public Libraries of NZ to better connect employers, their employees and local libraries.  

As part of a workplace literacy and numeracy programme, it's a great idea to connect learners with the local library. This will help the benefits of the literacy and numeracy programme to continue after the programme has finished and help extend those benefits to learners' families and communities.

You can find your nearest library on the Public Libraries of NZ website

Public libraries provide opportunities for lifelong learning. They help children and young people develop imagination and creativity.  They give adults the opportunity to learn about technology and how to use it, about their cultural heritage, the arts and science.

Libraries offer access to digital resources including devices, web and wifi access, learning tools, and advice. 

Here are some resources to help:

Additional resources (these resources have been prepared with support from Upskills)

You might like to survey the learners to find out how much they already know about their local library, and again at the end of the programme to find out if they will continue to use the library's services.