Capital Training Limited

Capital Training is an NZQA accredited, private training establishment (PTE) offering a wide spectrum of free courses and qualifications to prepare people to engage in society to their full potential.

Working within our mission statement “to empower people with knowledge and skill for autonomy”, we offer learners the opportunity to build their confidence and credentials that can extend them in their workplace.  We partner with a broad range of businesses throughout New Zealand, designing training solutions that are pertinent to enhancing more efficient and effective workflow.

We deliver training solutions within the workplace, using the surrounding workspace as a learning centre. We focus predominantly on workplace literacy and numeracy solutions which may include topics such as effective communication (cross-cultural, teamwork, verbal and written), reading and comprehension skills for work tasks, effective listening, numeracy skills for work tasks, financial literacy and problem solving.  Practically speaking these skills are explored and understood through work responses to: Health & Safety, preparation for compliance training (working within regulated workplaces), health and wellbeing, digital upskilling, customer service, understanding and knowing your staff, mindfulness and leadership training to name a few.

We work with the employer to deliver a tailor-made training solution, which offers value to our clients. We can manage the process to assess the need for staff professional development, as well as develop solutions for employers who have already identified their need(s).

Tom Kelleher – National Business Solutions Manager
Contact: 04 4707 670