Edvance Workplace Education

Edvance Workplace Education runs literacy and numeracy training throughout New Zealand.  Our mission is to support employers, employees and communities to achieve workplace skills and personal learning goals. We achieve this by selecting trainers that have a broad range of expertise and experience to suit each unique course requirements.

Our training focuses on workplace training courses in a wide variety of industries and businesses, along with community foundation skills and public services pre-entry preparation courses. All training is designed specifically for the requirements of the company, community and trainee. We measure our success in training to ensure we are delivering real achievements for all our stakeholders.

Edvance’s workplace training strengthens connections within organisations. These connections result in sustainable and continued improvement in procedures that transfer into life outside work for all involved. The achievements gained by our learners and the companies they represent, motivates them to continue their learning journey and meet their personal and work objectives.

Contact details    
Name: Jan Bruneau-Herman
Email: jan@edvance.co.nz
Phone: 09 869 2227 Ext 303  

Website: www.edvance.co.nz