Kahurangi Associates Ltd

Kahurangi Associates Ltd is led by Nicola (Niki) McCartney who has been working in Workplace Literacy and Numeracy since 2005. Her master’s thesis research, Impacts and Outcomes of Workplace Literacy in New Zealand, revealed the need for clear pre and post measurement and a targeted contextualized LN learning programme. During Niki’s time at the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults (2010-2017), she co-developed a whole organization approach to embedding LN into the workplace driven by the organization’s aim and implemented though a strategic action plan. Both the organization level and employee learning programme level are essential to achieve the LN gains in building people capability. Niki brings LN expertise and ESOL expertise from her own school (1989-2001) to Workplace LN. Her combination of education and business experience with her passion for workplace LN inform her practical user-friendly approach to co-create programmes of learning for employers of all sizes.  


Name: Nicola McCartney
Email: nicolabmccartney@gmail.com
Phone: 0274379730

Website: http://nicolamccartney.com/