Languages International Limited

Our workplace team are based at Languages International, a long established and highly regarded language school and teacher training centre in Auckland. Within the workplace literacy and numeracy field, we have gained extensive experience in a range of sectors – healthcare, security, engineering and IT to name a few.

Our approach is to work with you to:

  • Understand the literacy and numeracy demands and issues specific to your workplace
  • Understand and engage your employees, supervisors and managers
  • Plan and deliver appropriate high quality, language, literacy and numeracy training tailored to the needs of your staff
  • Help your business build capacity and capability for the future.

The Workplace Literacy Fund is a fantastic mechanism for your business to start addressing skills needs. This education is empowering for individual employees and their communities and contributes to productivity, health and safety and customer service gains. Using our pre-approved funding is a good way to take the first steps with literacy and numeracy using our expertise at relatively low cost and low risk.
Name: Nick Moore
Phone: 09 309 0615