Leadership Development New Zealand

Leadership Development New Zealand works within organisations coaching staff to lift workplace literacy. Our speciality is:

  • building communication skills to operate effectively within teams (speaking and listening) 
  • improving completions of industry certificates and compliance training (reading and writing) 
  • reducing administrative rework - completeness, accuracy, sufficiency and timeliness (reading and writing)

To access free funding of workplace literacy for your organisation we advise a prompt inquiry.


Michelle Flaherty
Education Consultant
021 246 2049
07 838 8434

Website: www.leadershipdevelopment.co.nz

Leadership Development New Zealand (LDNZ) also specialises in the provision of leadership and management development (training, coaching and mentoring) throughout New Zealand.

Our clients utilise our expertise to:

  • customise training to meet their needs
  • consult on leadership and management development needs
  • deliver national business qualifications
  • design professional development pathways for staff
  • facilitate staff development through public and in-house training, coaching and mentoring.

Examples of areas we can positively impact in your organisation:

  • developing high performance teams
  • learning on the job 
  • managing performance 
  • developing the leader as coach 
  • getting to grips with leadership 
  • developing efficiency and effectiveness
  • training the trainer
  • competent assessing
  • effective communication 
  • managing conflict 
  • linking feedback to performance improvement 

Qualifications offered
National Certificate in Business (First Line) (Level3)
National Certificate in Business (First Line) (Level4)

When working with Leadership Development New Zealand you can expect:

  • a collaborative working relationship 
  • solutions aligned to your organisation
  • an outcomes focus