Literacy Aotearoa Wellington

Literacy Aotearoa Wellington is a specialist literacy and numeracy provider based in Wellington city. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering literacy and numeracy in workplaces, community settings and in the classroom. Literacy Aotearoa Wellington is able to design a programme that meets the needs of your business and your staff.
When we design a new programme we will typically go through the following steps:
Job Profiling/Needs Analysis
A trained tutor will spend time in your business observing common tasks and the associated literacy and numeracy skills required. We will then produce a report for you with our findings. 
Learner Assessment
Learners participating in the programme go through two levels of assessment. The first is an online adaptive test to measure reading and/or numeracy skills. The second is a one-on-one interview between the tutor and learner. This helps with understanding the learners’ current level of skills and knowledge as well as their motivations and goals.
Programme design
The Programmes are designed in partnership with the workplace. Wherever possible we use texts and examples taken from real work situations so that learners are able to apply their learning straight away, strengthening learning gains and offering immediate benefits to the workplace.

Name: Bridget Murphy
Phone: 04 385 2336