Matapuna Training Centre

Matapuna Training Centre is an experienced provider of free Literacy and Numeracy and digital literacy programmes. We are successful in improving the achievement levels of adults that engage and complete the programme. Unit standards can be incorporated where applicable allowing some adults to attain their NCEA level1 and/or 2. Improved Literacy and Numeracy enriches lives, improves employability and allows adults to engage in more opportunities. 

Programmes can be tailored to the organization or individual’s needs. Individual learning plans are developed and delivery is focused on the student’s goals and are aligned to the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Progressions. Tutors are all highly trained and skilled teachers who also hold formal adult education qualifications. 

Programmes can be delivered at Matapuna, at your organization or by arrangement in other venues. 

Contact us today at 06 8686094 or 

Name: Jodie Cook or Anwyl Minnaar
Phone: 06 8686094