Proven Performance Ltd

Proven Performance is a corporate training provider that grows people to elevate their performance. We don’t have off-the-shelf programmes because know the best results come from designing, developing and delivering business-specific programs that align with your organisation's values, vision and strategic goals.

We know that the result every business owner wants from training is a change in behaviour. We are committed to achieving this through designing programmes that equally focus on staff developing a self-leadership mindset as well as learning new skills and tools.

When we collaborate with you, our sole focus will be your business success.  

We do this by:

  • Understanding the key issues your business is facing;
  • Understanding what success looks like to you;
  • Designing, developing and delivering customised training solutions that change behaviours 
  • Evaluating the results to ensure we have achieved success. 

If you’re looking for training that produces results and has an impact on your business, let’s talk.


Name: Toni George – Training Coordinator
Phone: 06 929 5469