Responsive Trade Education Limited

Responsive Trade Education (RTE) is a provider of workplace training in the Waikato and has an excellent record in delivering programmes that positively impact on the business’ long term growth strategies.
RTE works together with the employer and employees to discover opportunities for enhancement and deliver quality programmes that result in enhanced staff contribution to team meetings, suggesting improvements, increased critical thinking and decision making.
This leads to staff having the confidence to clarify instructions at the time of delivery, ownership of problems and a greater awareness of health and safety, ultimately increasing the “bottom line.”
Barriers are broken down by staff communicating on a personal level in an environment that encourages positive cross cultural communication within the workplace, often leading to staff unlocking their true potential and valuing the investment that the company is putting into it’s biggest asset; their staff.
“A workplace filled with and driven by employees with positive attitudes – vibrates continually to the tune of service excellence and passionate team success.” Ty Howard
Name: Rae MacDonald
Phone: 0800 872 330
Cell: 021 812 426    DDI: 07 852 5408