Risk Management Group (RMG)


Risk Management Group (RMG) is a PTE, providing ITO funded training in the primary and manufacturing sectors and TEC employer-led workplace L&N funded training.   RMG also provides risk management support to organisations, including H&S training and investigations. 

RMG provides training pathways for all your staff through seamless H&S and food related processes and procedures training solutions from NZQA level 1 to 4.   
For some staff their training pathway commences with embedded L&N programmes that bridge the communication skills gap between the workplace demands and the learner’s skill level.  We have L&N experts who will work with you to tailor a solution that meets the needs of your organisation and your staff. 

RMG will develop, manage and deliver your organisation’s TEC funded Employer-led Workplace L&N training programme to ensure that your staff work safer and smarter.  They will also develop training pathways for the graduates from the programme plus your other staff.      

Contact details    
Name: Lyn Nikoloff
Email: lynn@riskgroup.co.nz
Phone: 027 462 5556  

Website: http://riskgroup.co.nz/risk-management-group---literacy-and-numeracy.html