The Learning Wave Limited

The Learning Wave has always been known in the LN market for its ability to:

  • engage with business
  • engage with individuals
  • put together embedded LN learning solutions that are mutually beneficial to the employer and the individual.

The Learning Wave has been delivering tailored Literacy and Numeracy (LN) programmes since 2007. We pride ourselves on not only impacting on the individual learners but ensuring that the learning has a meaningful impact back in the business.

Since 2007 we have worked to build the literacy skills of over 6,000 learners from industries including: food processing, tourism, infrastructure and building, manufacturing, transport, mining, engineering, healthcare and telecommunications. Our approach helps build: 

  • job skills 
  • job knowledge 
  • personal motivation and self-confidence 
  • improved business performance. 

The Learning Wave is in the business of giving people the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to succeed in their business and personal worlds. We have experience in delivering business performance improvements and build literacy skill development in core workplace initiatives:

  • Supervisor/team lead programme
  • Safety
  • Digital Literacy and digital skills
  • LEAN/ continuous improvement
  • Productivity and quality 
  • English language programme 
  • Workplace documentation redesigns and plain English writing 

We have national coverage and on any given week are delivering 45 days of learning, to 20 clients, in 11 cities.

Name: Lisa Hubbard
Phone: 021 707 424