Training for You Ltd

Training for You is a specialist provider of workplace training throughout New Zealand, and has an excellent record in helping employers and employees improve their literacy and numeracy skills. 

Training For You delivers high-quality training tailored to suit business and employees’ needs. Our highly experienced tutors know that low levels of literacy and numeracy can easily go unnoticed and undiagnosed in the workplace. Resulting issues such as increased accident rates, higher than average error rates, or a lower than expected uptake in training opportunities, can all hold a business back. Providing training that lifts employees' basic skills can benefit a business’s bottom line.

Other benefits of improved reading, writing, maths and communication skills include:

  • increased confidence with staff contributing more actively in meetings, suggesting improvements or reporting issues in more detail 
  • increased critical thinking and decision making skills as staff are better able to plan, organise and communicate their ideas and needs 
  • a positive spinoff for businesses with error reduction, less reworks, decreased absenteeism and a decrease in workplace accidents 
  • Staff contribute more to the wider community and family life.

If you would like to lift the performance of your employees, please talk to one of our Workplace Training team.  Ring us now on 06 349 0047, 0800 GET T4U (438 848) to talk to us about options for your organisation.


Rachel Smith
Phone: 06 349 0047
Mobile: 027 348 2439