YMCA South & Mid Canterbury

YMCA South & Mid Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation located in Butler Street, Timaru, and Tancred Street Mall, Ashburton, with 19 staff (17 FTEs). Underpinning all our work are the YMCA values of Caring, Respect, Honesty and Responsibility, which we strive to act on meaningfully in all we do. All of our programmes and services are provided at no or minimal cost to participants. Our business – which is about “Investing in the Next Generation” – is structured around three areas: 

  • Education & Training – Supporting people to reach their full potential through youth and adult second chance education programmes (Y•Skills and Y•Skills Outdoors youth guarantee programmes, Y•Skills for Life Intensive Literacy & Numeracy and Y•Skills for Work Workplace Literacy & Numeracy programmes). Programmes are geared primarily to those who have disengaged from mainstream education.
  • Employment Services – Identifying and addressing barriers that prevent people from being employed, and supporting them into permanent sustainable employment (Drive2Work and WorkFit programmes).
  • Youth & Community Development – Nurturing the potential in young people through KiwiSport youth sport and recreation, Archery Club, Bubble Football Leagues, OSCAR Holiday programmes for 5-13 year olds, Community Youth mentoring service and Resiliency Toolkit programme delivery across Years 9-13 in secondary schools.

Contact details    
Email:    info@ymcasc.org.nz
Phone:   03 688 3682 / 03 398 5164    
Website:   http://www.ymcasc.org.nz