A change in the air for Waste Management Limited

Running a New Zealand-wide waste and environmental services operation, with 1300 staff across 40 sites, is no mean feat. But by practising what they preach, Waste Management NZ is now creating a safer, healthier environment both at work and in the community.

The staff training programme Skills First, delivered by Upskills Ltdputs staff first, and is paying off for individual employees and the overall business. Noticeable changes include a greater understanding of the job, increased confidence, engagement and pride.  

A tangible outcome of the programme for three Napier Recyling employees was receiving the National Safety Award for “exceptional work ethic – always going above and beyond what is expected”. Herita Puna, Jonathan Samuels and Ken Wood were recognised for creating an exemplary video for staff induction, outlining and modelling ways to improve health and safety at work. Read the full success story here.