Newly found confidence at Amcor Flexibles

Measurable gains in productivity and efficiency are among the many benefits of the COR-X (Core Excellence Skills) programme for 62 Amcor Flexibles workers.

Amcor Flexibles makes packaging for the food, beverage, home and personal care and tobacco packing industries. Since completing the training programme last year, production at the Airport Oaks site has increased by 50 bags a minute. 

“A newly found confidence underpins the new way of working,” says Abhi Gill, from COR-X training provider, Trucatalyst Ltd.  The programme, which mixes classroom sessions with on-job coaching, aims to improve quality, safety, productivity and efficiency – and evidence shows it ticked every box.

“Employees understand more about the business, and they understand the impact they have on the business and the customers,” says Operations Manager, Steve Beamish. “There has been an increase in the production of one of our products, higher volume output in another area of the business, and a decrease in waste.”

Measurable efficiency gains include a direct cost saving on customer complaints and credits paid out. This, says Steve, is due to greater communication and understanding about product quality.  

“Employees are now problem-solvers - willing to speak up in team meetings and offer ideas and solutions. The training focus on interactive listening has resulted in the team getting along and working together more effectively. Overall the behaviours have shifted from reactive to proactive.” 

Trucatalyst’s Abhi Gill said the programme’s practical approach enabled workers to immediately apply skills on the job, and discover new ways to solve old problems. “Workers were given a one-page practical assignment and asked to write down what they did during work time that showed, for example, direct actions related to health and safety, how their actions impacted on customer expectations and satisfaction, and the above and below the line behaviours they exhibited during their shifts,” says Abhi.

Hands-on support was provided to allow learners to complete their on-job tasks with regular coaching conversations. Workers could connect their learning to their work and capture their efforts that would otherwise go unnoticed. This approach helped to demonstrate real-time measurable gains to the Amcor management team, including a substantial change in workplace behaviours. 

“We’ve seen improvements in the will to work productively as a team, and we’ve noticed people get along better, reducing the amount of non-productive conflict,” says Steve. 

Health and safety has improved greatly, with workers taking more responsibility and having more safety conversations on site. “There’s been an increase in safety walks and hazard reporting,” says Steve. “They’re taking pride in fixing things as they happen.”

Management have reported less errors and injuries, more efficiency on the shop floor, and improved improved product delivery. 

Steve says embedding literacy and numeracy into the workplace training programme provides a real context for learning about communicating and reporting. It helps workers understand the importance of making and delivering high quality products on time for customers. “We’ve measured an increase in this since the programme began.”

Put simply, workers at Amcor Flexible’s Airport Oaks Site know more. They’ve had the opportunity to practise their new skills and knowledge at work. They’re more confident, communicative and responsible. And they have a better understanding about the business and their role. 

The benefits of the COR-X training are significant and measurable – creating a safer, more efficient, productive and collaborative team.