Measuring success

Measure the success of your workplace literacy training.

Measuring the success of your workplace literacy training is important. You need to know what you started with to see how far your employees have progressed. If you don’t set measures from the start, it will be difficult to make a comparison.

Identify how you will measure success as part of your planning, so you can then calculate the return on your investment. It’s not something you can leave to chance.

There are three ‘i’s that underpin a robust workplace literacy and numeracy programme

What are the issues that can be related back to literacy and numeracy?

What are the interventions that will address these?

What are the indicators that will tell you what difference the interventions have made?


Resources for measuring what matters

Exemplar metrics matrix (PDF, 70 KB)

Measuring what matters: how to pick a good metric (PDF, 513 KB)

Template for measuring success for large organisations (PDF, 375 KB).

Template for measuring success for SMEs (PDF, 360 KB).