Making the commitment

Training your employees is a good investment that needs time and money to achieve the results you want.

The costs of lifting the reading, writing, maths and communication skills of your employees will be similar to other types of training you provide.

Financial costs

Financial costs depend on the nature of your programme, how you run it and how many employees are involved.

You can expect these costs to include:

  • fees for training providers, trainers, or for recruitment of a specialised programme manager
  • employee downtime to attend training and arrange alternative cover
  • training materials and equipment
  • set-up or hire of a dedicated training space
  • internal promotion and organisation of the programme.

Checklist for calculating the investment needed (PDF, 147 KB)

Time commitment

Like any other training, successful programmes get the best results when both employers and employees are engaged and committed. This takes time and effort to achieve.

You’ll need to allow time to:

  • gain the support of senior managers and/or business owners
  • get your supervisors and managers on board
  • involve your employee representatives
  • arrange and manage logistics
  • set and record benchmarks
  • recruit employees to participate
  • motivate and support your employees.

Time spent carefully planning will help you produce a successful programme.